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Humor piece I have up at THE BIG JEWEL. It’s practically ripped from the headlines.



In the tradition of National Lampoon, Monty Python, Firesign Theatre, Cheech and Chong, Nichols and May and other greats, Blasto Podcast Network presents Soft Spots and Bald Spots: A DAMSEL Sketch Comedy Album. DAMSEL brings the best of sketch comedy in New York City today and puts it in…

Here’s a sketch comedy album a bunch of wonderful people and I made, and it’s up on iTunes now! Follow the link and download it and give it listen!

The Game makes being funny in a Long Form scene easier by forcing you to focus on a single comic idea.
from p.67 of the UCB Comedy Improvisation Manual  (via ucbcomedy)


Oh man.  This sketch was a crazy, ridiculous experiment, and I can’t thank Absolutely and Matt Mayer enough for letting it happen.  I think parts of it were successful, and parts of it I would have done differently having seen it play out, but the sound of the audience realizing what was happening when Ashley started calling their names is, to me, priceless.  It’s not really a sketch, but I’m so glad to have put up this joyful and weirdly spontaneous piece of theater.  Or, at least, that’s how I hope it came off to everyone there.

This sketch features everyone on Absolutely and was directed by Matt Mayer.  And a huge, giant special thanks to Mary Jo Stilp and the Brooklyn Conservatory Community Orchestra, David Bluvband, David Guzman, Alyssa Work, Dylan Snowden’s Mom, Chuck, Justin, Shannon O’Neill, and the taxi driver who stopped for me while I was carrying all those balloons.

Check out this great Absolutely sketch written by Madalyn Baldanzi that I got to be in! I play Gilbert Barrymore, proud high school senior. 

Check out this humor piece I have up at The Bygone Bureau! It’s super crazy.



@The Under St. Marks Theater in NYC (94 St. Marks Pl, NYC)


The Pulp Variety Streamcast is an original Radio Theatre experience recorded live in front of a studio audience in New York City and released as an Audio Podcast for listeners all over the world via iTunes and other streaming platforms.

New York City’s finest writers and performers bring these hilarious and off-the-wall stories to life in the style of old time radio for current day audiences.

Make sure to follow @PVStreamcast for more info

I got to meet Mike Myers briefly, told him I write sketch comedy and what an influence he’s been. Thinking quick, I thought it’d be appropriate that he sign my writing notebook. I hope he wasn’t weirded out by the barely legible handwriting and the sentence “those 95 children were who were vaccinated with the alien/human hybrid DNA went renegade” right above the space he signed.

Beatles plus True Detective

Beatles plus True Detective

Check out this fun sketch I wrote!

Aaron Kheifets
Susan Casey
John Zachary Townsend
Jenna Nolan
Intro by Jenny Bechem

Directed by Brandon Gulya
Filmed by Matt Alston

From the show “Liam Neeson: Bigger and Blacker”
Live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York